ScriptRock makes it easy to discover what's changing in your environments, track configurations, and demonstrate compliance.

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ScriptRock Customers

Take a closer look at some of the features that make ScriptRock the chosen configuration integrity monitor for thousands of customers.

Complete visibility into the configuration of every server, network device, and cloud app you're running.

Configuration Search Engine

Powerful Configuration Search Engine

Need to know right now where a certain setting, package, or file is located?

Locate every instance of any configuration item across tens of thousands of nodes in seconds.

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Visual Differencing At Its Core

One machine works fine, but another is totally borked?

ScriptRock compares every configuration item to give you a lineup of likely suspects.

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Difference Two Nodes

Group Anomaly Detection

Web Scale Anomaly Detection 

Need to know why hundreds or thousands of machines in an environment are acting differently?

Get a heatmap of all configuration anomalies in a single pane view.

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The Future of IT Collaboration, Today

Tired of banging down doors to find out what's going on with your infrastructure?

Drift detection, anomaly reporting, and policy status are all available in a simple visual interface to break down the silos between dev, ops, and security.

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Collaborative Ops

Built for Integration

Powerfully Extensible

Need to build an independent validator into your workflow to stop problems before they reach production?

ScriptRock's API hooks into your existing development toolchain to continuously validate every change.

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