Heroku vs AppEngine

Cloud computing is no longer the next big thing. As evidenced by all the cloud infrastructure and data centers now being set up by established players like Google with its AppEngine and Amazon with AWS, it is the current big thing. Into this mix are some smaller pioneers like Heroku, started all the way back… Read more »

Pallet vs Chef

There has recently been a huge growth in the number of Configuration Management (CM) tools available to the sysadmin or DevOps professional. Well, ‘huge growth’ really means an increase from just 2 or 3 in the early 2000’s (CFEngine comes to mind as one of those early pioneers), to about 20 today. Many of these… Read more »

Heroku vs EC2

With the increasing importance of cloud computing, services like Amazon’s EC2 on AWS and Heroku are coming under more scrutiny. Even better for the consumer, the increasing number of such services means more choice in the market. But with this increased choice comes an increased level of confusion, because it’s often difficult to do an… Read more »

Pallet vs Puppet

Configuration Management (CM) tools like Pallet and Puppet are to sysadmin and DevOps professionals what a dishwasher is to an exhausted homeowner who’s just come home to the pile of dirty dishes from last night’s party – a huge life and time saver. You need to deploy the latest JRE version to all 200 servers… Read more »

Docker vs Chef

“I love the long time it takes to manually provision a brand new server from scratch!” said no one ever. One of the things that sysadmins and devops have long regarded as a necessary evil is the overhead time wasted twiddling one’s thumbs while waiting for a new server’s creation. With the advent of virtualization… Read more »

SCCM vs Puppet

Open-source vs. proprietary? In the software universe, this debate has raged on in almost all sub-sectors – OS’s, databases, and even in the CM arena, where SCCM vs. Puppet are two of the heavyweight champs slugging it out. But beyond that philosophical difference in origin, they also take two completely different paths to the destination… Read more »

Ansible vs Puppet

Today’s sys admin and devops professionals have to manage, on average, a much larger number of servers hosting a much larger number of applications, than their counterparts from as recently as the 90’s. Blame this on the exponential growth on computing for organizations, coupled with the emergence of new technologies such as virtualization and cloud… Read more »

Salt vs. Chef

Configuration management (CM) and Remote Execution tools are fast becoming the tools of choice for many a sysadmin or devops pro. If you consider that the point of computing is to make our data management easier, then CM tools make are the next level of that logic – they make it easier to manage the… Read more »

Opsworks vs. Puppet

Retail giant Amazon through its AWS platform is the largest IaaS and PaaS provider in the world. In early 2013 Amazon announced the rollout of Opsworks, an “Integrated DevOps application management solution”, according to the website (http://aws.amazon.com/opsworks/). So it’s basically a customized CM tool for AWS is what they’re saying. This brings it into competition with another… Read more »

Docker vs. Vagrant

With the huge growth in virtualization and cloud computing, there has also been a correspondent increase in the average number of virtual machines (VM) that today’s admin has to manage. Manually creating a full VM on today’s virtualizers, like VMWare and Hyper-V, is a real pain because they have to take a snapshot of the… Read more »