5 Favorite DevOps Memes [it's funny because it's true]

Posted by Steve Hall

In the DevOps webisphere, there are plenty of blogs, articles, commentary, pundits and ideas floating around to keep you busy until your head explodes. We here at ScriptRock tend to have a somewhat cynical perspective on things because we've spent years trying & failing to 'do DevOps' (by the way.... DevOps is NOT a verb for the good of the order) which is what lead us to creating the company to begin with. Our culture promotes having fun and we try to keep a sense of humor about stuff. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are our top 5 favorite internet memes related to DevOps.

DevOps meme - worked fine in Development




DevOps meme - automation


DevOps meme - you went full DevOps


DevOps meme - say DevOps one more time


Other great places to get some awesome DevOps memes & humor are:

DevOps Reactions
DevOps Borat

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