Where DevOps Starts: Developers, Implementers, and Leaders

There’s no right place to start with DevOps, but there are reasons that different people choose to start. There are also ways of communicating that make it more likely to take succeed in your organization. Being aware of the people you are talking to and the processes they work within can make your DevOps experiments more likely to grow into a business-wide culture.

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Configuration Drift: The Cost of Complexity

Imagine this — you're rolling out a new version of your web app. Works great in the dev environment, and it's been signed off on in staging, so it gets rolled out to production. Things seem fine, so you call it a night.

Then the support requests begin flooding in. Something's broken somewhere, and it's not immediately obvious how. Performance monitor shows the machines are running well, so it can't be that. Ah well, better crack one of those neon-colored energy drinks, it's time to roll back and log into these machines to look through logs and config files for a potential cause. "How could this be happening," you ask, "I mean... these machines are all configured the same, right?"

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Packing Heat With CloudFlare

Today we're proud to show one of our newest features to GuardRail: support for your CloudFlare powered website. As a next-generation CDN (Content Delivery Network) CloudFlare makes your site faster to load, optimizes your content, provides a swathe of ridiculously powerful and easy-to-understand security mechanisms, exclusive analytics insights and even an app marketplace. To give you an idea of just how big this Cisco combatant has become:

  • Over the past 3 years, CloudFlare has grown 450% and is currently adding 5,000 new clients a day
  • Handles 5% of all web traffic. You've probably used the network hundreds of times in the last 24 hours
  • Has fought on the front line protecting websites from some of the internet's largest, high-scale DDoS attacks recorded at 400 gigs/second

Adding your CloudFlare site to GuardRail is easy and enables you to discover, track and control all of your CloudFlare DNS and Zone configuration settings including A, CNAME, MX and SPF records.

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GuardRail Diary - Post 1: Connect and scan a Linux server using SSH

Having just started working for ScriptRock as a software engineer my journey understanding GuardRail and its place in the IT automation ecosystem is just beginning. This places me in a unique position to provide a series of blog posts that will start from the ground up in getting started with GuardRail. Today we'll work through the steps required to connect and scan a Ubuntu linux server using SSH.

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Trip Report: DevOpsDays Boston 2014

"Did you really just say 'thought leader'?"

Everyone laughed. The open space topic we'd gathered to discuss was "DevOps as an Echo Chamber." The room was full of people who wanted faster, more stable deployments, and none of them were getting help from the DevOps blog-industrial complex.

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Schrodinger's DevOps - Why You Need Visiblity Before Automation

So a cat walks into a bar. No, that’s not right. He walks into a box. The cat gets bombarded with radiation. It used to be a bar but a lot of people died from the radiation so they turned it into a box. Is the cat dead or alive?

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Five IIS 8 Settings You Need to Check Today

If you’re working with IIS 8 then you know that preventing configuration drift is as important as it is time consuming. In the best case scenario you’re monitoring configs daily to keep development, testing, and deployment running smoothly. In the worst case—well, all-nighters make good war stories but aren’t much fun.

To help, we've prepared an automated test of forty-three must-have settings for IIS servers. It's free and takes less than a minute to run. (Yes, it is faster to use GuardRail than to finish reading this article.) If you want to learn more about how to run this scan, you can read or watch the video in our documentation section.

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Controlling SQL Configuration Drift Revisited

It's a topic that comes up frequently for us here at ScriptRock. Our customers are always keen to know how they can take control and simplify their configuration management processes. We've all experienced at some time or another that issue that was the result of a database migration that didn't complete, a column that has mysteriously changed data type or an old version of a stored proc or view being restored to a new database.

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What Are the Minimum Requirements for DevOps?

I was perusing through Twitter-land recently and ran across a tweet talking about a DevOps meetup in the Los Angeles area that was underway. And it went on to denote that the first opening question posed to the entire group was: What are the minimum requirements for DevOps? Huh?~!

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I Got a New DevOps Job....Now What?!

DevOps still lacks a commonly accepted definition, as discussed recently in the blog post The Problem with Defining DevOps. Kind of obvious in retrospect, but this really complicates meaningful usage of the word, particularly when used outside of the DevOps community.

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