Scan Your Entire Environment For GHOST With GuardRail

This week Qualys announced a vulnerability in certain versions of glibc that is now being called GHOST. The vulnerability allows remote execution of code by calling gethostbyname() and is considered critical. We won't cover what others have already said: you can read the original Qualys post here, a summary from ZDNet here, and advice on updating your OS version here. If you aren't sure what version of glibc is used on every one of your Linux machines, read on. We have created a one-click solution for validating the security of all your nodes.

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Our Experience with Golang

This blog post will be a reflection on our recent experience of porting a reasonably large (~30KLOC) JRuby application to Google Go, talking about the many things we liked about the language and ecosystem, and the couple of things that I found grating about it.

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Monitoring AWS Security Groups with GuardRail

GuardRail was initially designed to solve the problems we faced every day in the world of enterprise IT. Technical debt, documentation rot, and configuration drift consumed untold hours of our lives. GuardRail was designed to make those problems a thing of the past.

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Two Factor Authentication for GuardRail

As a trusted partner of financial institutions, healthcare providers, retailers, and businesses of all kinds, we take seriously our responsibility to securely handle your data. The architecture of GuardRail, based on our years working at Australia's biggest banks, defends against one line of attack. The executable CIS policies we've created give you a push-button solution to validate server configurations and expose areas in need of hardening on your end. Now we have introduced two factor authentication to protect against leaked credentials.

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Chopping Up the Can: How to Get More Done


Today, DevOps is the latest and greatest in making work efficient. Before that, Agile called on us to rework our development process. If we keep going back we eventually reach Frederick Winslow Taylor and the birth of scientific work management.

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What's new in DevOps? Anything?

There's no doubt that in 2015 DevOps is real, and strong, and it is your friend. If you aren't investing in DevOps now, you should be. Ask anyone, or just be quiet while they yell at you, and you'll hear that you need DevOps.

We can get behind that to a certain extent. We love the principles of DevOps, we take it seriously in our own development practices at ScriptRock, and we design our software to be equally usable by Devs and Ops to solve their shared problems. We've been listening and contributing to the DevOps conversation for a few years. Here's the problem: almost nothing has changed in that time.

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Tracking Your CloudFlare DNS Configuration

Email is a mission critical application that is relied on to power business communication and collaboration capabilities on a day-to-day basis. It is a vital component of modern business and being able to send and receive email is of paramount importance. If you were to make a list of applications to track and control configuration changes of, email would be at the top of that list.

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CoreOS Takes a Swipe at Docker

If watching your in-laws awkwardly bicker on Thanksgiving weekend wasn't enough for you, this Docker vs. Rocket thing feels like a full-blown go in the Octagon.

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Using GuardRail to Validate Windows SChannel Update

We've seen a landslide of vulnerabilities announced in the last few months, from ShellShock to Poodle, and it looks like that trend will only continue. The discovery of a critical vulnerability in Windows SChannel–and the even worse problems introduced with a hasty patch–has added a heap of unplanned work for Windows IT pros. 

GuardRail provides a really easy way to validate that the update has been successfully applied and the registry keys deleted. In addition to giving you validation that patches have been applied now, our Schannel check can be run automatically to protect against regressions.

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Trip Report: DevOps Enterprise Summit 2014

ScriptRock attended the DevOps Enterprise Summit recently, and we had a blast. We talked to people non-stop for three days, gave countless GuardRail demonstrations, caught a few talks, made some new friends, and learned a lot from attendees about the kinds of challenges they face implementing DevOps. (And hey, did you guys try those breakfast burritos they had on day 2? Delicious.)

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